CNC Milling Front Panels

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling Machines can cut nearly any shape Aluminium Front Panel.

While we print your design into aluminium, CAD specialists check everything and create drilling and milling program.


The production team is pleased with the collection of professional A+ Endmills from trusted suppliers like Korloy, Karnasch and others. (Tolerance: ø1-12mm = 0.00 ~ -0.02mm).


Smallest end-mill we have is 1mm diameter. (Premium grade Carbide).
Smallest milling radius is 1mm, as per tool.

Maximum front panel size: 600 mm x 900 mm


Lead Time

We are fully aware that production time is crucial for our customers. With many already behind the schedule to test or finalise projects, our responsibility is to make sure we are delivering when you need it (if physically possible). In a desperate situation to get front panels, plates or labels done yesterday, we are here for you, even if that would mean night work.