Anodised Aluminium Plaques and Faceplates (0.5 mm)

Bespoke Anodised Aluminium Plaques and Faceplates (0.5 mm)

Any Custom Shape. Unlimited cut-out areas.
Full-colour (2880×1440 dpi) Sub-surface digital printing.
Cut with CNC milling machine to exact specification with up to 0.01mm accuracy for any of your projects.
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Meface offers an extensive range of premium quality Aluminium Plaques and Faceplates. Our products are designed to the highest standards, delivering the perfect solution for most of your signage needs. Ideal for a variety of businesses including catering, food-manufacturing, medical, transport, and military firms. We can print both stock prints with eye-catching designs and tailor-made to suit your unique needs.

But what truly sets our bespoke face plaques and plates apart from other companies is that they are made of digitally-printed anodised aluminium. This protective aluminium oxide layer gives each plaque increased resistance to moderate scratches, accidental chemical spills, extreme temperatures, or even natural oxidation, so they need to be replaced less often.

Our anodised aluminium plates and plaques are incredibly durable and virtually indestructible, meaning they last significantly longer than other materials against continual usage. They are also very easy to attach to surfaces using either screws or adhesive tape and can be cleaned with even the more abrasive of chemical cleaning and anti-virus products, including bleach.

As a result, Meface provides your business with a cost-effective, low-maintenance and affordable solution tailored to your project specification.

We give a full refund or replacement if plaques or faceplates did not meet your requirements or specifications.

Order a stylish and professional product with peace of mind.

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