Aluminium Metal Nameplates with Logo, CE sign, QR or Barcodes


Example of Durable Aluminium Metal Nameplates


Showcase your brand with bespoke metal nameplates by Meface.


Using the latest technology, and our extensive experience in manufacturing, our specially made anodised aluminium nameplates can be custom printed with whatever designs you need. Finished to the highest possible quality, our nameplates are perfect for one-off orders or personalised plates and bulk orders. We are committed to supplying only the best products to our customers, which is why we prefer to work with anodised aluminium.


This allows us to deliver superb image quality, whether in black and white or in colour, and hard-wearing metal nameplates that last. The layer of aluminium oxide acts as a protective barrier that keeps the nameplate from getting damaged when scratched or coming into contact with liquids, including chemicals.

This makes our metal nameplates extremely durable and impervious to almost any damage, giving your business a cost-effective product that will last longer.



The best way to get your Aluminium Metal Nameplates done (print and cut) exactly as you need it is by sending us the artworks in Vector Formats.

We can use and modify most files saved as .ai, .eps, .dwg, .dxf, .svg, .pdf, and other widely used ones.


Our Artwork Assistance team will try to fix minor errors, adjust and transform graphics until you are happy with it. For any complex issues or drawings from scratch, we can offer full service for an additional surcharge. (Never to be charged without customers agreement)


For Aluminium Metal Nameplates and Labels, the following formats may be considered:

  • .JPG
  • .PCT
  • .PSD
  • .TIF
  • .TIFF


Best printing quality achieved using files with at least 300dpi resolution. Our printers are capable to digitally print any images underneath the aluminium surface with 2880×1440 dpi.

If your graphics do not meet printing quality requirements, we will help with this at any stage.

Anodised aluminium is available in Matte, Satin and Gloss(Mirror) finish.