Anodised Aluminium Printing
How does Anodised Aluminium Printing work?
We take high-quality Anodised Aluminium sheets to print our high quality anodised aluminium nameplates and signs for you.
As widely described on the next page, anodised aluminium has a porous surface which makes the printing possible. Photo quality images and graphics can be printed into the unsealed oxide layer using colour dyes via special anodised aluminium printer. After the printing pores are closed in a fixation process, protecting the dyes from outside influences.


Advantages of anodised aluminium nameplates and signs:
Anodised Aluminium protects the image against the following dangers:
– Mechanical abrasion / Scratches
– Solvent agents such as: Alcohol, Acetone or Thinner
– Aggressive aqueous solutions
– High temperatures (up to 650 degrees Celsius)
– Graffiti: Foreign colour can be easily wiped off with paint thinner
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If you need extra durable custom anodised aluminium nameplates and signs which will serve you for many years and have excellent durability and abrasion resistance, then you are in the right place to look.
We, MeFace (Ltd), as a trusted nameplates and signs manufacturer provide 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. (T&C apply)