About us

 MeFace Ltd established in 2008 in the UK with the vision to create unique products using the most innovative technologies in the signage industry. Now we are proud to offer premium and high-class product range to the clients around the world.

Best service and sincere dedication to every customer is our priority.

We are aluminium labels/name plates manufacturer, specialists in anodised aluminium signs. Printing mainly onto metal.

Our main line is custom photo-quality extra durable nameplates and signs widely used in military, aerospace and marine. These are now open for every business or individual to fulfil their specific needs.

No order is too big or too small.

Only top quality anodized aluminium with deepest pores is used in production.

Anodised aluminium printing technology allows full personalization and makes the
signs/labels and name plates:

– Resistant to temperatures, low and high (up to +547 ᵒ C), and fire
– Resistant to solvents and aggressive chemicals
– Scratch proof(coins and keys etc.)
– Resistant to vandalism (graffiti/paint can be easily wiped off with thinner)
– Weather resistant

We aim to be the best for our clients creating the superior product, utilising the most revolutionary equipment and machinery making the signs.

We create the solution. We’ll provide exceptional products and services no matter how hard your order is.
To learn more about the products and technology process, please visit the technology page.